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SVT | Wolff Parkinson White-Taşikardi

SVT | Wolff Parkinson White-Taşikardi

SVT | Wolff Parkinson White

Key factors:

  • The Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome (WPW) is a situation by which sufferers are born with an additional electrical connection inside the heart which causes palpitations
  • The presence of this irregular pathway can typically be detected on a routine ECG
  • Hardly ever harmful disturbances of heart rhythm happen, and really not often sufferers with this situation could die all of the sudden
  • A cauterising process (ablation) is extremely efficient in curing most sufferers with this situation


Regular heart exercise and heart exercise in sufferers with WPW.

Waves of electrical energy stream throughout and down the heart in an ordered vogue, and are chargeable for beating of the heart. The highest chambers of the heart, the atria, function priming chambers for the principle pumping chambers, the ventricles. Sufferers with WPW are born with a further electrical connection (accent pathway) between the atria and ventricles. This connection, which in actual fact is a really small muscle fibre, might lie on both the left or proper facet of the heart. Generally it lies near the conventional electrical pathways of the heart.

Determine 1 exhibits an ECG from a affected person with Wolff Parkinson White (WPW).

Determine 2 reveals a typical electrical circuit that trigger palpitations in sufferers with Wolff Parkinson White (WPW).

figure 3

Determine 1


supraventricular tachycardia

Determine 2


The most common symptom is palpitations (an consciousness of a speedy heartbeat). Generally sufferers expertise shortness of breath, dizziness or delicate chest discomfort throughout assaults. In a really small variety of sufferers very quick palpitations might happen, leading to extreme dizziness or perhaps a blackout. Sudden demise is a tragic however well-recognised complication of this situation that happens very hardly ever.


It is very important carry out an ECG in all sufferers with palpitations, and in sufferers with WPW, the ECG normally provides the analysis. Often the analysis isn’t sure, and additional investigations are required.

Though 24 hour or longer intervals of monitoring could also be carried out, that is typically not required in sufferers with WPW. Most arrhythmia docs agree that ablation is the very best therapy, even when the heart rhythm on the time of signs has not been documented.

It’s usually fascinating to carry out an ultrasound scan of the heart (echocardiogram) to verify that there are not any abnormalities of the pumping chambers or heart valves.

The last word diagnostic take a look at, if the ECG findings should not clear-cut, is to carry out an electrophysiologic research (EPS) by inserting skinny wires into the heart by means of a vein on the prime of the leg. That is normally carried out instantly previous to endeavor a radiofrequency ablation.


As very hardly ever harmful heart rhythms might happen in sufferers with WPW, most electrophysiologists advocate remedy. While medication might usually management palpitations, ablation offers a treatment for almost all of sufferers and is the widely advisable remedy. Please see the part on catheter ablation see catheter ablation part.




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